Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 4 Episode 15] – The Benefactor Factor

The Benefactor Factor

President Siebert invites the guys to a fundraiser for Caltech that Saturday. While Leonard, Howard and Raj are willing to attend, Sheldon refuses to go and stays back in the apartment; however, he changes his mind after a video chat with Amy, who tells him that if he is not at the fundraiser, the task of raising funds for the physics department would fall to Leonard and Raj, whom, according to her, would probably fail in raising funds, as a result of which the funds would go to departments like geology and liberal arts; but during the fundraiser, he insults many donors by refusing to shake hands with them due to his mysophobia as a result of which the physics department loses potential donors. At the fundraiser, the guys are introduced to Mrs. Latham, an elderly philanthropist whose condescending attitude terrifies them, but she later tells Leonard that she likes making smart people nervous. She then invites Leonard to dinner the following night to talk more about his research, despite none of the guys (including Leonard) feeling like they did anything right at the fundraiser. During dinner, she reveals that she is willing to donate money to the physics department on one condition- Leonard must have sex with her. Leonard is not comfortable with this and is unwilling to prostitute himself, despite Sheldon’s plea that he do it for the physics department. The next night, Leonard again has dinner with Mrs. Latham, during which she tells Leonard that whether he has sex with her or not, she will donate to the physics department. After this, she flirts with him, eventually causing him to give in and have sex with her. The next morning, Penny and Sheldon catch him as he arrives home after his “walk of shame” and tease him slightly. Later at work, he is applauded by everyone at Caltech, including Howard, Raj and President Siebert for his “gigolo work” which brought funds to the physics department.

Title reference: Mrs. Latham, a woman Leonard has sex with so that she will donate money to the university.