Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 4 Episode 23] – Unbridled


Holbrook approaches an unnerved Jessica with a judge’s order for Ali’s grave to be exhumed. Spencer questions Veronica about her hazy memories of the night Ali disappeared. Ella returns to visit Aria, still reeling from her break-up with Ezra. Aria fails to open up to her. Emily confronts Paige for telling the police that Ali is alive. Later, Emily forgives Paige, but isn’t sure if she can trust her again and tells her goodbye. Emily also confronts Jason, recently released from rehab, who tells her that Jessica had suspicions about Spencer prior to the night Ali disappeared. Hanna tries get a second date with Travis but he remains hesitant. Veronica fires Dean when he appears to be “slacking” on the job – he fell asleep on top of Spencer at the edge of the couch. Ella confides in Aria that Zack proposed – in two different languages. Ashley tells Hanna about Jessica’s recent purchases. More suspicious than ever, Hanna volunteers the girls for Jessica’s charity bridal fashion show. Hanna and Emily search Alison’s room to find them. Instead, they discover the password to the e-mail address on the post-it attached to Alison’s money and contact her. Alison calls, telling them to meet her in Philadelphia. Spencer catches Jessica talking to someone and chases the unseen person through the woods. Spencer retreats after getting her veil caught in a bear-claw trap and losing track of the mystery person. She returns hysterical and removes her bodice, finding finger bones sewn into the lining and a note from “A”. The girls go to Philadelphia to meet Alison, but are surprised by the person who actually shows up.

‘A’ ending: “A” calls the Rosewood Police Department presumably to turn in CeCe Drake, after finding her name in a registration book at a hotel.