Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 4 Episode 16] – Close Encounters

Close Encounters

Peter tells Spencer that he and Jessica have been trying to get Jason back into rehab. Aria ends her relationship with Jake. Later, Jake becomes suspicious of Ezra when he sees Ezra screaming at some woman in a car. Shana finds Emily and tells her Ali wants to meet up with her – alone. Shana reveals that she grew up in the house next door to Alison’s grandparents in Georgia and that she has known Alison since age 3. Shana also confesses that Ali asked her to come to Rosewood to find out who is trying to hurt Ali – and that Jenna is on the list. Spencer learns that Jessica was on the Board of Trustees at Radley at the time of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s death. Spencer tells Toby, but he and his dad have decided to let it go and have accepted a settlement from Radley. Hanna continues to struggle with her feelings about her break-up with Caleb and winds up kissing Travis in the heat of the moment. Shana takes Emily to Ali’s meeting place where Ali tells Emily she doesn’t know who’s trying to hurt her. Spencer follows Emily there and scares Ali away, causing tension between Spencer and Emily. Jake injures his foot by kicking his lucky punching bag only to find someone had sabotaged it by placing knives inside.

‘A’ ending: “A” slices a picture of (presumably) Ali and Shana when they were younger in half and symbolically lights the half with Shana’s face on fire.