Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 4 Episode 14] – Who’s in the Box?

Who’s in the Box?

The Liars are more shocked now that Alison is officially alive and they are looking for answers. Hanna brings a theory that if Alison is not in the grave then another girl is, so she starts searching for missing girls the same day Ali disappeared. Toby returns and looks for Spencer’s help so he could prove that his mother didn’t jump from the window by herself. Mona has a meeting with Ezra. Caleb returns to meet Hanna and has a difficult time revealing to her what happened during his stay in Ravenswood. Hanna finds about a girl named Sara Harvey, who disappeared at the same time Alison did so she and Emily meet Sara’s friends — Claire (Skyler Day) and Tina. Aria and Ezra reconcile their relationship and meet in Ezra’s cabin which is away from the town. Ashley is having trouble finding a job, but later Jessica DiLaurentis offers her a job. When Spencer and Toby tell Spencer’s father about the information they found about his mother, he reveals that they can possibly close Radley. During their meeting at Alison’s grave, Hanna gives Ali’s journal to Aria, Emily and Spencer.

‘A’ ending: ‘A’ is opening a secret basement in Ezra’s cabin.