Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 3 Episode 24] – A dAngerous gAme

A dAngerous gAme

Spencer is released from Radley. To celebrate, she invites her friends to a soirée. After receiving a clue from Malcolm while babysitting him, Hanna determines that Spencer was the one who kidnapped Malcolm. Aria, Emily, and Hanna band together to trick Spencer and find out her motives. Spencer finds Toby and they both determine that they each joined the “A” Team to protect one another and end up reconciling. When Spencer falls for their trap, she is forced to come clean with her friends about Toby, her “A” Team involvements, and Red Coat’s plan for all four of them at the soirée. Emily catches Jenna, Melissa, and Shana conspiring something at Jenna’s house. At the “soirée,” the Liars confront Mona in the lodge while Toby and Spencer venture out to determine Red Coat’s identity (still unknown to all three “A” Team members). However, someone traps the Liars with Mona in the lodge and sets it on fire, leaving them with no escape. Spencer sees Red Coat get out of the plane and at first glance, she thinks it’s Alison. Toby is knocked unconscious in the woods and the mysterious figure drops a lighter by his hand, making him look responsible for starting the fire. Red Coat pulls the Liars and Mona out of the lodge. Hanna wakes up and sees Red Coat staring at her. Red Coat is revealed to be a very much alive Alison DiLaurentis. Mona says she saw Alison too. Spencer comes back and says she saw Alison also. On the way back to Rosewood, Mona reveals that Red Coat would sometimes wear a mask that looked like Alisons face. This means that Red Coat could have just looked like Alison. the Liars and Mona spot Wilden’s car in front of the church. The video of Ashley running him over plays, with an added clip of Jenna and Shana dragging away his body. Spencer notices something “fishy” about the trunk. Before opening it, all five girls receive the same text that reads: ‘You’re mine now. Kisses -A’. Spencer opens the trunk and all five girls gasp in unison at the sight of its contents. In the final scene, a hand reaches out from the dirt and another grabs it and starts pulling the trapped person out.