Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 3 Episode 23] – I’m Your Puppet

I’m Your Puppet

The girls visit Spencer in Radley who is convinced she saw Toby’s body in the woods. But the girls know the police have identified that the body Spencer saw was not Toby. Spencer discovers a map of Radley that Mona created on a board game. Ella warns Hanna that Jamie may have traded the bell from the church for a new one of much lesser value. Aria, Emily and Hanna sneak into the morgue. Aria sees Red Coat while she, Hanna, and Emily are in the morgue posing as candy stripers. Aria follows her, almost catching her before she slips into an elevator and escapes, while Emily and Hanna find a dead body they are unable to identify. Aria is horrified when she discovers that “A” kidnapped Malcolm. When she finds Malcolm at a carnival, Aria decides this is too much for her and tries to break up with Ezra. Hanna and Caleb accuse Jamie of stealing from the church. Soon afterward, they discover that “A” has been framing Jamie. Emily’s mom tells her that the police found another male body, late teens/early twenties, with no I.D. and that the police cannot identify the body yet due to significant trauma. Emily rushes to tell Aria and Hanna. At Radley, Spencer pulls out a black hoodie and two carnival tickets from her pillow. The third “A” Team member is revealed: Spencer Hastings.