Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 3 Episode 20] – Hot Water

Hot Water

The hunt is on for discovering the identity of the girl in the red coat. Hanna comes clean to Ashley about knowing CeCe and that she and her friends found out about an illicit relationship between Ali and Wilden. Spencer accepts a dinner date from Wren. Afterward, they share a kiss outside the restaurant and are seen by the mystery girl in the red coat. Spencer tries to follow her but loses sight of her after turning a corner. Mrs. Fitzgerald continues to try to come between Aria and Ezra. Paige, Emily and Hanna go to the Rosewood Costume Shop looking for answers from Shana. When Spencer returns home, she heads into the steamer and gets trapped by “A.” Having received a text from Spencer earlier asking her to come over, Aria comes to her rescue. Once safe, Spencer tells Aria to call Emily and Hanna because she knows who is helping Mona. Emily goes to CeCe’s apartment and finds her packing to leave Rosewood. Before she leaves, CeCe tells Emily that Melissa took the picture of Ali, Wilden and CeCe in Cape May and that she is not completely sure about what is true about Ali and Wilden. Wilden threatens Ashley and Hanna. Ashley runs over Wilden with her car. She and Hanna return to the scene of the crime and find Wilden’s body missing. Ashley and Hanna are caught on film, oblivious to the camera in Wilden’s car recording them.

‘A’ ending: ‘A’ cuts up pink roses, and puts them in a lowery wreath with a ribbon which says “With Deepest Sympathy”.