Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 2 Episode 22] – Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best

The cops tell Emily that Maya is missing, and that her parents don’t know where she is. Rosewood high hosts a father daughter dance and the girls make plans for their dates. Byron and Aria’s relationship is strained, Hanna’s father is MIA so her mother offers to go with her, and Emily’s father comes back from Texas to attend with her. After Spencer tells Melissa that she saw her get into a car with Garrett, Melissa tells her that Garrett was helping her, as he was a close friend of Ian’s. She also reveals that she sent texts to Alison telling her to back off. Emily discovers, with help from her father, that Maya bought a ticket to San Francisco, but may not have gotten on the train. After Ashley tries to figure out who could have blackmailed Hannah with the police report, the girls decide that they should lie and say that they did it to get their parents off of “A’s” trail. Aria is nominated for the job, and lies to Hanna’s mother about sending the shoplifting report to Hanna saying that she did it in order to get Hannah to stop shoplifting. Spencer finds her father’s check book and a check stub for $15,000 in cash. She also finds a folder with pictures of Ali in it. When Spencer confronts her father, he confesses he paid $15,000 for a private investigator to find Ali. He did this to keep Melissa safe, who was harassing Alison with vicious text messages about Ian.

‘A’ ending: ‘A’ reads a newspaper with the headline showing a picture of Maya who is listed as missing.