Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 2 Episode 18] – A Kiss Before Lying

A Kiss Before Lying

Hanna thinks that the girls are icing her out because she destroyed the memory card from A’s phone. Caleb agreed to continue decrypting the information from A’s phone if Spencer, Aria, and Emily agrees to not tell Hanna about it. A knows that Caleb is working on decrypting the phone, so A threatens Hanna to make Caleb stop or else she’d expose her mother’s secret about stealing money from the bank. Hanna decides to tell Caleb about her mother’s secret, in hoping that he’d stop working on A’s phone. Caleb finds a photo of a fake ID of a brunette Alison. Hanna sees this picture and tells Spencer that she saw Alison in a brunette wig, with the alias of Vivian Darkbloom. Hanna and Spencer find a claim ticket in one of Alison’s books. Spencer, pretending to be Vivian, calls the number. Hanna’s step-sister Kate is now in Rosewood. When Spencer meets Kate, she realizes that she knows her from a summer camp that Melissa used to work at. Spencer had a photo of Kate with a bunch of bug bites from camp, and threatened to show it to the school if Kate isn’t nice to Hanna. Meanwhile, Emily hopes that her mother’s visit to Rosewood will be a good opportunity to re-introduce her to Maya and hope that things will turn out better than they did the last time. However, Maya is still upset about how Pam ratted her out, so she goes out of her way to make the dinner extremely uncomfortable for Emily and her mother. Ezra gets offered a job that would require him to move. He finds out that Aria’s father had set up this job offer for him in hoping that Ezra would be out of Aria’s life.

‘A’ ending: ‘A’ breaks into Peter Hastings’ office and takes a gun out of his desk drawer.