Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 2 Episode 17] – Blond Leading the Blind

Blond Leading the Blind

The girls check out what Caleb got from A’s cell phone. They see a video from Alison’s bedroom. Ian sets up a video camera, and then Garrett leads Jenna into the room. Ian and Garrett argue over getting videos from Alison and the girls realize this was the night Alison was murdered. Hanna notices a piece of paper inside the dolls from the box. It is a series of threatening notes, one of them making reference to a pumpkin. The girls flash back to Halloween coming home with Alison after Noel’s party. A jack-o-lantern on her front porch had a knife stuck in its head. Toby climbs the scaffolding at the Hastings’ house and falls off causing him to break his arm. Spencer tells Emily she thinks she’s putting Toby in danger. She wants Emily to do something that might make him hate Spencer but there is only one thing she could think of that could save Toby. Emily sees Toby’s and tells him that the guy Spencer was seeing before him is back. Emily says she’s telling him because Spencer couldn’t. Ezra eventually shows up to meet Aria. In his car he says what they are doing is dangerous. He wants her to be safe and happy and wants her to make sure that being together is what she wants. Caleb tells Spencer and Emily that the only way he’s going to continue working is if they let him know what Hanna is so afraid of. Spencer gave Caleb a streamlined version of what has been happening, but Hanna doesn’t know they have told him anything. Spencer, Emily, and Aria watch the rest of the video. Ian tells Garrett he’s “going down” and pulls out the camera. Garrett and Ian fight just as Alison enters the room.

‘A’ ending: ‘A’ is seen cutting up a picture of Spencer and Toby and burning it. A does the same with Ezra and Aria’s picture cutting it in half.