Download Scorpion [Season 3 Episode 23] – Something Burrowed, Something Blew

Something Burrowed, Something Blew

On the day of Happy and Toby’s wedding, Scorpion gets a case in Wyoming when lightning strikes set fire to an underground coal mine. They must extinguish the fire before it destroys a telecom cable, but they need to be back in San Jose, California in time for the ceremony. When complications arise and they don’t make it, Paige plans an impromptu wedding at Kovalsky’s Diner, their favorite greasy spoon, and gets Ray, who’s an ordained minister, to give the vows. Walter expresses his feelings for Paige, stating the reason he fired her is because he’s in love with her. To his surprise, she feels the same way and they share a not-so-intimate moment. Later, Cabe gets a call; the French Polynesian governor needs help setting up their underwater wave-powered generators and they’re willing to fly the team out to Tahiti. Looks like the newlyweds get a free honeymoon. However, on the private flight, they hit some turbulence and, with Happy as the co-pilot, the plane starts to go down.