Download Scorpion [Season 3 Episode 22] – Strife on Mars

Strife on Mars

Scorpion is hired by Kapper Aerospace Industries in Solvang to fix the thorium power grid in their Mars simulation biodome. When a critical system fails, they must extract a pair of scientists who have been living inside for 11 months. Also, Walter and Paige plan out their own versions of Toby and Happy’s Jack and Jill Bachelor/Bachelorette Party: Walter with a trip to the science center, a planetarium, and the natural history museum, Paige with a party bus and look-a-like piñatas. Meanwhile, the couple prepares to move in with each other, quickly learning that they have different styles and ways of living. An oxygen-ozone mix in the dome triggers Walter’s memory of the earlier rocket mission and he discovers what really happened in space with Paige. Later, realizing Paige played him, Walter fires Paige at Scorpion but does so only after landing a position for her with Richard Elia; Paige however, overreacts and tells him to “go to hell” and leaves with Ralph.