Download Scorpion [Season 3 Episode 16] – Keep It In Check, Mate

Keep It In Check, Mate

Scorpion gets a case from the Eastern European Desk of the CIA when two informants in Sardovia are murdered. In order to get close to a Sardovian asset, Walter and Sylvester enter an international chess competition undercover in an effort to extricate the spy/chess grandmaster before her identity is exposed by code breakers. Meanwhile, Cabe works with the FBI to convince Happy’s father Patrick to testify against Sonny Dubin, a man who ran a stolen car ring to move drugs across the border for whom Patrick used to illegally wipe off VIN numbers of vehicles that he brought him at his garage. In order to take advantage of the deal Cabe has struck, he has to self-surrender and will be imprisoned for two years, causing Happy heartbreak. Later, Ralph is asked to the Valentine’s Day dance by two girls and goes to the men for advice instead of Paige, who is disappointed since emotional problems are her specialty. However, he comes to her wanting to learn how to dance.