Download Scorpion [Season 3 Episode 14] – The Hole Truth

The Hole Truth

Scorpion is hired by the US Army Corps of Engineers to help a sandhog unit locate a leak in a municipal water line. The micro leaks they find cause the soft soil to create a massive sinkhole that is ready to swallow up a silo filled with chemicals, along with a worker trapped on top of it. If this happens, the drinking water supply of one of Southern California’s most prominent aquifers will be tainted. Meanwhile, Toby and Happy have to help Walter, who is slipping down their “EQ” scale, as he has been too sharp and insensitive to people’s emotions ever since Paige decided to leave him to his own devices. Paige also has to help Veronica get back the con money she buried at the abandoned factory where they found the nuclear device, which is now being worked on by a demolition crew. She devises a cunning plan for her mother to cheat the men who want her to pay for her sins; however, it forces Veronica to part ways with Paige for good. She leaves a large cache of her dirty money to Paige in Ralph’s name.