Download Scorpion [Season 2 Episode 22] – Hard Knox

Hard Knox

In order to test their security system, Scorpion is hired by an agent from the Department of Defense to break into Fort Knox and steal a 300-year-old Prussian scepter, proving that their depository is not run properly by a private firm. However, they discover half a pound of polonium, a toxic substance, hidden inside the artifact and must escape the buildings’ traps with it intact. Elsewhere, Haywood wins his first case by helping gain more time while Ralph proves in court that the software he created was actually his by bookmarking his code data with important dates, like when he first met Walter. Also, Toby has suspicions about Linda, who he believes is less attracted to Walter than suffering from damsel syndrome, experiencing the same endorphin/dopamine rush from when he saved her. Walter breaks up with her, pledging to remain friends, while Paige accepts a date with Tim.