Download Scorpion [Season 2 Episode 21] – Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout

When a construction company that is clearing a site for a factory build unearths an ammunition belt belonging to a Marine patrol that went missing in 1971 near Pleiku, Vietnam, retired Marine John Pandova (Josh Randall) of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency hires Scorpion to enhance his ground imaging technology and ground penetrating radar equipment in only two days to give him proof that the remains (including his father’s) are still there. However, they only have two hours when they find themselves in the path of an F4 tornado. Later, after he receives a failing grade for his coding project, Ralph’s college professor steals his sound wave software, causing him to hire Haywood as his attorney. Tim asks Walter to a meal, but is rejected as Walter is going to call Linda, who came back, to set up a date, so he takes Walter’s advice on having dinner with a smart, kind, beautiful woman and asks to meet up with Paige at the diner. Linda does not return his call and it leaves Walter by himself, trying to beat Tim’s high score on Proton Arnold.