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When Walter gets into a fender bender, he goes to the hospital and meets a nice little girl named Olivia who is in need of a heart transplant. However, Toby notices a patient with symptoms of the Nibori virus, a lethal disease found only in the Far East, and discovers the blood supply at Los Angeles’ blood bank has been hacked, resulting in all the bags being mislabeled. Scorpion decides to help find the perpetrator in order to save Olivia’s life, but they only have 4 hours until her surgery and need to find a sample of Lutheran AB negative, her incredibly rare blood type. Back at the garage, the team competes in the “ScorpiOlympics,” their version of the Olympic games that is only for geniuses testing their mental and physical abilities. Also, Sly’s prize-winning days are over when he receives rejection letters from multiple game shows after winning big on The Price Is Right.