Download Scorpion [Season 2 Episode 18] – The Fast and the Nerdiest

The Fast and the Nerdiest

Sylvester goes on The Price Is Right, gets selected as one of the contestants, and wins big in Megan’s memory: $100,000 and the “showcase showdown.” An old ex-con childhood friend of Cabe’s, Mick Doherty (Eric Roberts), approaches the team, asking for their help in stopping a group from smuggling a biological weapon into Balio in Central America. The team manages to infiltrate the garage of a high-end vehicle import/export business and, on Toby’s bet, Walter is forced to challenge one of the mechanics to a drag race in order to stall for time while Happy searches the office for incriminating paperwork. Meanwhile, Happy and Toby have begun to fight regarding Toby’s increasingly frequent gambling habit.