Download Scorpion [Season 2 Episode 14] – Sun of a Gun

Sun of a Gun

Sylvester’s estranged father Ken, a retired army colonel (Jeff Fahey), enlists Scorpion’s help after discovering that the mythical Sun Gun, a deadly weapon of mass destruction, is actually real and was found in an old German bunker from World War II by an African president/dictator. The team goes to a North African nation to find out if the dictator has hidden metallic sodium panels that are capable of concentrating sunlight to be launched as a satellite death ray. During the mission, Walter must use dishonesty and flattery to get up close and personal with the megalomaniacal dictator, who is smitten by his intellect. Also, in order to be more social in their daily lives, Walter and Cabe decide to go speed dating together, but they are unsuccessful.