Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 10 Episode 22] – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

In an attempt to get back at Catherine Avery, Webber calls an emergency board meeting…without Jackson. The board wants to appeal the Harper Avery award, which would have gone to Cristina if the Harper Avery Foundation didn’t own her hospital. Hunt convinces Cristina to accept an invitation to speak at a hospital in Switzerland. During the lecture, a questioner from the back turns out to be none other than Dr. Preston Burke. Meanwhile, back at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Amelia and Derek team up to work on conjoined twins who share a brain. Burke offers a job to Cristina while showing her his hospital, but it’s not just a job working for him. Instead, it’s his job. Jackson and April start to mend their broken relationship when he agrees to attend church with her and their baby, as long as she agrees to waffles afterwards. Callie and Arizona are thinking about baby names, Agamemnon being a favorite of Callie’s. Alex is loving his job at the private practice, but Jo is starting to sink under the pressure of her duties. The residents learn that someone amongst them is going to get fired. Stephanie figures out that Bailey administered the deactivated HIV virus to her bubble-boy patient, despite his parents’ wishes, and thinks it’s brilliant.