Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 10 Episode 21] – Change of Heart

Change of Heart

Meredith, Owen, and Cristina all return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital after Cristina’s loss at the Harper Avery award ceremony. April, still residing with Callie and Arizona, drives them nuts. She feels that her fight with Jackson is the end of their relationship. Jackson is feeling pressured to cut back on the hospital’s research funds and projects and must decide whose research will be terminated. Richard travels across the country with plans to propose to Catherine Avery, but finds out the real reason why Cristina lost to her competition; because the hospital is owned by the Harper Avery Foundation, no doctor that works there will ever win the award. Meanwhile, back at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Cristina is faced with the decision of which patient will get the heart transplant. Amelia, Derek’s sister, makes a surprise visit to see if she can have the life Derek and Meredith have. Alex gives the board his notice that he’ll be accepting the private practice offer; April tells Jackson that they can’t forget about their “hypothetical” children per Jackson’s request, because she’s pregnant.