Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 10 Episode 20] – Go It Alone

Go It Alone

It’s the day before the winner of the Harper Avery award is honored, and Cristina plans hang out with Meredith at Joe’s and write her speech over a drink. Their plans are ruined when Cristina’s transplant patients’ parents argue and endanger their children’s health. At the home front, the married couples deal with their personal issues: Callie and Arizona discuss who will carry their second child, April and Jackson have their first big fight while Derek and Meredith struggle with balancing work and parenthood. Cristina who goes to the Harper Avery award ceremony in Boston by herself as Owen and Meredith are both busy and has last second doubts about being there alone. After pulling herself together, she walks in to locate her table and sees that Owen and Meredith are both there. Unfortunately, Cristina does not win the Harper Avery award.