Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 10 Episode 19] – I’m Winning

I’m Winning

It’s that time of year when the nominees for the annual Harper Avery Award are announced, and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s own Dr. Cristina Yang is one of them. Her colleagues are all very ecstatic for her nomination except for Meredith and Dr. Bailey. To mask her jealousy, Meredith makes a celebratory toast to Cristina. Dr. Bailey, however, is less efficient at hiding her feelings. Cristina’s self-esteem takes a blow when her patient’s family doubts her abilities and says that her best is bad. Alex tells Jo that he called to accept the offer from Dr. “Butt Hole” to work for his private practice. Derek and Callie take the next step in their research by getting baseline measurements of brain activity. Callie finds out that although she has a great life, one thing is holding her back from being truly happy: a baby. Callie tells Arizona she wants another baby, and Arizona says she wants one, too. Owen tells Cristina that he’s looked at the other nominees’ research, and he’s confident that she’ll win. Cristina agrees.