Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 10 Episode 17] – Do You Know?

Do You Know?

Cristina comes to experience two very different universes—on a quest to answer the question, “Do you know who you are?”—after she does very difficult heart repair work on her patient who is on a ventilator and paralyzed from the neck down. In the first universe, the patient decides that he wants to be taken off the ventilator which sends Cristina into Owen’s arms when she realizes that they are throwing away their love for each other. Time is quickly passing as the two get married, move in together, get a dog, have a baby, await the birth of their second child, and see Ross win the Harper Avery Award for Cristina’s trial that she quit on to take care of her family. The second universe begins when Cristina comes back to reality and her patient says he doesn’t want to be taken off the ventilator. This once again sends Cristina into Owen’s arms, but this time, she’s happy. However, the stipulation that they will never have kids still remains, which Owen initially accepts. They continue to have their on-again, off-again relationship which drives Owen to drinking more than he should putting himself and his patients in grave danger. Cristina tells him it’s over for good, and she goes on to win the Harper Avery Award for four straight years. Once again, Cristina comes back to reality. This time, her patient decides to be taken off the ventilator; however, she’s able to save Jackson from injuring his hand, and her hesitancy to approach Owen allows Meredith to approach her about a patient, which allows Owen to get on the elevator before she can greet him.