Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 10 Episode 16] – We Gotta Get Out of This Place

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

While some doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are celebrating Dr. Webber’s birthday with an awesome surgery, others aren’t so happy. Bailey, Leah, Meredith, and Richard all pitch in on a case that is very rare: a patient absorbed his twin while still in the womb. Cristina, while working on her heart trial with Ross, is working endlessly to set Owen up with women; she even created him an online dating profile. Callie and Derek butt heads and enter a short-term legal battle concerning their sensors and their research. Ultimately, Callie convinces Derek that he needs to tell the White House that either the policy of sole ownership of the sensors goes or he goes. The White House concedes. Jackson’s mother, Catherine, comes back to town to correct the mistake that she feels was made by April and Jackson. Jackson, always feeling bound by his overbearing mother, fights against her accusations against April. This leads April and Jackson to the revelation that they need to work some things out, especially the topic of how they will raise their kids.