Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 10 Episode 13] – Take It Back

Take It Back

After a short prologue in which April and Jackson drive off together – April still hesitant over her actions – and Arizona tries to end her marriage with Callie, the episode skips to “three weeks later”. Meredith is upset with Derek for agreeing to the President’s offer, which means going back on his promise to her to take a back seat to her research. Callie and Arizona buy a new house that’ll be theirs together, with Arizona wanting to give their relationship one last new start. Chief Hunt begins to ride Ross aggressively in the ER, not just after the botched surgery with Jimmy but (according to an accusative Webber) because he has learned that Ross had been sleeping with Cristina. Alex’s emotional plea to Jo turns out to, in his mind, have been a marriage proposal; Jo turns him down, claiming they’re not ready, but continues to stand by him when Jimmy passes away. Bailey and Ben start talking and working through his arrival. She tells him that she’s worried that he’ll be at home waiting on her just like Tucker used to do, and he resumes his internship… at Grey Sloan. Stephanie is having a hard time accepting that Jackson broke up with her for April and, with Leah’s encouragement, someone anonymously files an HR complaint on behalf of the interns concerning sexual harassment from their attendings. In response, the HR department implements a strict non-fraternization policy on the spot… which could prove problematic for April and Jackson, who are revealed to have eloped three weeks ago.